22 August 2011


The PSEi declined further, dropping 48.79 points (-1.12%) to 4,291.11. Looking at the daily closes of the PSEi, we’re now basically back at the Aug.10 close (4,290.14). Traders who bought last Aug.9 (4,157.03) are still ahead, Aug.10 buyers are likely breakeven, while traders who bought from Aug.11 to Aug.22 are mostly down now.

Despite the gloom, there have been some strong performers even in these choppy waters. LC (+7.14%), BHI (+27.59%), LCB (+7.5%), ORE (+6.68%), MA (+1.47%), NI (+8.76%), and AGP (+5.21%) are near or pushing their new highs. One or more of these could continue to shine. What do your fundamental and technical indicators say?


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