Revisiting – LR / BEL / LOTO

Back in January, amidst an awesome run by “junk stocks”, LR, BEL and LOTO were the talk of the town.

BEL and LR signed a partnership Agreement last Jan.14, and it seemed as if the way was paved for the soft opening of a new casino late 2011, and full opening in 2012. Fast forward to today:

2011 – High, Aug.24 close

  • LR – 12.18, 7.90 (-35.14%)
  • BEL – 6.49, 3.88 (-40.22%)
  • LOTO – 21, 19 (-9.52%)
A new PAGCOR policy appears to be hindering progress. Building a new 800-room hotel would be a prerequisite for opening the casino. The parties involved remain in talks to reach a compromise solution, but it is no wonder why the project, and the stocks involved, are currently in limbo.
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