15 September 2011

PSEi 4,291.40. +32.54 points. +0.76%.

JFC (-1.5%) is quickly looking like it is still sideways rather than trending up. RCB (+0%) was unchanged. SMPH (+5.74%) made a higher high and was third top traded. People should train their TA sights on SMPH and come to their own conclusions.

I’m wondering, how are blog readers trading this market right now? What are you buying, selling, holding or avoiding? Have these recent months been kind to your portfolio? Certainly, with the likes of LC, BHI, PWR and ZHI, a number of you must be doing very well this year! Leave a comment.

The PSEi is trading with low volatility these days. There are tons of sideways and downtrending local stocks right now. If cash and bonds are yielding close to nothing while stocks are yielding negative returns, where will the hot money go? Business, properties, commodities, or plain old consumption? There’s a lot of liquidity out there.

The PSEi made yesterday’s losses back and closed at resistance. Tomorrow will be interesting.

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2 Responses to 15 September 2011

  1. genkumag says:

    Have stuck to extremely volatile, sometimes illiquid stocks to tide myself over. Have been very fortunate and lucky trading the intraday swings in PXP the past three days which has more than made up for boring days when there were simply nothing to trade. Looking to re-enter PXP at 4.04 then wait again at 1.84 where I intend to go all in. Hahaha!

    • abitrade says:

      There were across-the-board gains in Europe and the Americas. Looks like people will have more short-term opportunities today. Enthusiasm over the bank Dollar infusions vs. PSEi resistance. Let’s see how this goes.

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