14 November 2011 – Pacquiao Marquez III

PSEi 4,356.87. +43.91 points. +1.02%.

The local equities market continues its ascent. My active positions in the market have increased to 12 and I’m now about 50/50 in equities and cash.

Who knows when the European bubble will pop? In the meantime, I can’t ignore the channel breakouts in various local stocks. There appears to be something for everyone right now – Blue chips, 2nd liners, 3rd liners. I’ve had to use tie-breaks to try and separate the wheat from the chaff, given so many stocks are ticking up at the same time.

Pacquiao-Marquez III has come and gone. These guys are equals. If anything, I think people now know who wins the Pacquiao-Mayweather “dream fight” – Mayweather wins hands down. Floyd is a bigger, faster, stronger version of JMM with a few more inches reach advantage.

Now it’s painfully apparent how, for all his historic accomplishments, the “Fighting Congressman” and “National Fist” also has superb matchmaking to thank for his accomplishments. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, Pacman always did his best against whoever was put in front of him. It’s his good karma, or “manna from heaven”, that he peaked right at the time while a host of popular, somewhat defensively deficient boxers were on the slide. Imagine if it was an era full of counterpunching Juan Manuel Marquezes. Manny might not have flourished and become so highly regarded under such circumstances.

I think we are not imagining his loss of speed, power and sudden inability to finish fights early. Manny Pacquiao is on the slide. He’s past his physical prime. It’s been quite a ride, but I think Floyd Mayweather Jr. would dominate a fight between the two. The physical and stylistic advantages would be too much. Manny isn’t retired yet, but I think the proverbial end-of-the-road is fast approaching. I hope he will be as successful and inspiring politically as he has been in the boxing arena.

Thank you, Manny, for all the great fights and I hope you have a few more great ones before retiring as a boxer.

P.S. I’m still a big fan, no matter what! I’m still hanging on to my collection of MP headlining newspapers, postage stamps, and magazines.

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