29 November 2011

PSEi 4,227.88. -16.84 points. -0.4%.

Interestingly divergent from overnight trading, but in the light of European markets at this exact moment, not so surprising after all.

P15.3-billion value turnover.

December approaches with no Santa Claus in sight. The European mess is really something, though unlike the US Financial Crisis a few years back, everyone’s been anticipating this for quite some time now.

Just read about how interest rates have blown out over there in the past few months. The world markets might just have had enough. Moral suasion, one of the most effective weapons of Europe thus far, appears to no longer work. People are starting to believe widescale default will come in 2012 Q1.

As always, don’t just take my word for it. Research and assess independently these dangerous economic times. Happy Holiday!

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